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Cloudpurges purpose is to allow all to use the Internet without fear of compromise or harm.

Cloudpurge founders collectively have over 70 years of Development, IT and Cybersecurity experience ranging from Software development, IT and Security Architecture, Technology Innovation, Business Development and Executive Management. A likeminded founder group who have a successful history in the marketplace have worked together to collaborate in building this exciting new Cyber Security company - Cloudpurge 

The foundational principle in Cloudpurge being created was to build a platform that would be simple and transparent for users in protecting them against the growing threat of malicious web-based payloads including Malware, Ransomware and Phishing attacks.

The current solutions available in the market are still based on content being treated as either good or bad - this approach is clearly not working.

The Cloudpurge approach is to launch our “Click With No Fear™” platform.

We will protect all Web Browser based interactions with a Server side or Client-side protective platform. 

Our solution Protects, Isolates, Contains in a Software as a Service, Virtualised environment, or as an on-premise software deployment, or as a virtual appliance into your own cloud environments. 

The Cloudpurge solution provides our customers with a true Zero Trust container that quarantines the threat in a containerized isolated session. 

This frictionless innovative approach is the new way to protect customers and companies from exposure to the dangers and risks of the Internet.

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Shane Bellos 

Over 20 years’ experience in IT, Sales and Management. A track record of success in driving new organizations into market and building sustainable businesses. 

Anatoly Litovski

Development Leader and Innovator with 20+ years’ Software Engineering experience, including 7 years in the Israeli Air Force - Technical Projects

Andrew Webster

Certified and sought after Cybersecurity leader with over 20 years experience in risk, privacy, incident management and technology; having held senior roles at Australia's largest organisations.


Our Partners

Cisco, Cisco's Umbrella Protection with Cloudpurge
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ICE71, National University of Singapore Enterprise and Singtel's Innov8 group Startup Accelerator.
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