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Proactive vulnerability management for publicly accessible apps and APIs

WebApp & APIProtection

Say goodbye to outdated solutions that require manual maintenance and struggle to keep up with evolving threats.

Cloudpurge is your powerful shield against cyber attacks.

Shrink your API attack surface to zero, reduce vulnerability backlog, and proactively protect your assets and data integrity with confidence.

Api protection

Api Protection

Next-Gen WAF

Machine Learning

Repurpose Resource

Microservices Protection

SasS/PasS Self-Protection

Advances Rate Limiting & Scanning

Malicious Bot Protection

DDoS Protection

Impenetrable armor. No cracks.

Shield your APIs from security risks with our adaptive zero-trust WAAP solution. No more re-configurations as your web apps and APIs evolve. Save time and resources while ensuring robust protection.

Isolated sessions to prevent data exfiltration.

Cloudpurge isolates every session preventing threat actors from ever getting access to your wep app’s code and APIs.

Full visibility and control over your traffic

Enhance API security with our intelligent machine learning engine. It inspects, categorizes, and applies specialized controls to incoming traffic. Analyze traffic behavior effortlessly through comprehensive API call logging.

Integrates with your security tech stack

Cloudpurge integrates with infrastructure providers, security operation tools, and continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.

Key benefits for you!

Full visibility and control

Full visibility and control

Your API is never exposed, with all requests managed from the isolation platform.

Asset isolation

Asset isolation

With assets fully isolated and invisible to threat actors, they can’t be exposed, scanned or attacked.

Advanced encryption

Advanced encryption

Additional internal enryption enables advanced authentication and authorisaation

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