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Give old tech a new lease of life


Secure outdated and unpatchable legacy apps and systems without expensive rebuilds.

  • Put modern security around vulnerable legacy apps
  • Contain exposure out of the box
  • No costly recoding needed
Api protection

Bring your systems up to modern security standards. No costly rebuilds involved

Truth #1: Legacy apps are everywhere

According to Gartner, 70% of organizations plan to adopt multi-cloud strategies for web apps by 2024.

However, the prevalent issue is the abundance of outdated and unpatchable software that becomes vulnerable to malicious actors.

Nearly every organization, whether public or private, has legacy applications that lack modern security standards and no longer receive security patches.

As multi-cloud strategies for web apps become the norm, the question remains: How can you protect and fortify these legacy apps against current threats?

Truth #2: You don’t need to fix what ain’t broken

Rebuilding legacy apps is not the only or most cost-effective solution.

It can cost a lot - and usually a lot more than you expect.

And if the app holds valuable data, already does what it’s intended to do, the only thing you really need to do is to secure it so you can keep using it as usual.

The easy fix: Containerise antiquated technology

Cloudpurge isolates your legacy technology from its risky environment, enabling you to continue using it without risks or the need for expensive rebuilds or updates.

Key benefits for you!

No disruption of workflows

No disruption of workflows

Implement modern security standards seamlessly, without disrupting workflows, causing app downtime, or requiring complex migration plans

Quick deployment

Quick deployment

Cloudpurge can significantly reduce the time it takes to secure your legacy systems. We’re talking days instead of months

Lower cost & resource investment

Lower cost & resource investment

Upgrades and rebuild cost a lot and require a lot of human hours and expertise. With Cloudpurge, you can reduce the costs of upgrading and rebuilding old apps to meet the latest security standards.

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